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Sands & Gravels

Mason Sand

A very fine sand with many uses including masonry work, pool liners,  children’s sand boxes, horse shoe pits and much more. $18.00 Price/Ton   

2NS Sand

2NS Sand is a rough sand that is screened. 2NS sand is a sand used mostly for septic systems and in mixing concrete.   $16.00Price/Ton   

21 AA Limestone

21AA Limestone is a stone that is the color grey. It is a crushed stone, it is also known as a paver's base. You can find this stone being used for the base of driveways.  $25.00 Price/Ton   

6A Limestone

6A Limestone is a light grey color . That is any size from 3/8 of a inch to 1 inch crushed. It is mostly used as base material under foundations.  $26.00 Price/Ton   

6A Natural

6A Natural is a mix of colors, it is used for landscaping, and filtering septic fields .  $27.00 Price/Ton   

1x3 Limestone

1”x3” Limestone is a great stone for drive ways  $25.00 Price/Ton   

21AA Natural

21AA Natural is brown and is crushed stone used for gravel. It is mostly  used for driveways and roads.   $27.00Price/Ton   


Peastone is normally different shades of brown but can also be a variety of colors. The size of peastone is 1/8 to ¼ inch , the stone is so smooth you can walk on it barefooted.  $25.00 Price/Ton   
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Slag Sand

 Slag sand is made by crushing slag generated in the copper refining process into a sandy condition using running water. Having iron and silicic acid as its main components, it is a physically stable product of consistent quality.  $25.00 Price/Ton   

21AA Crushed Concrete

 Description to Follow  $20.00 Price/Ton   
Sands & Gravels